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Brake Pad Replacement Procedure


The steps to replace the brake pads are as follows:

1. Park the vehicle on a smooth road;

2. Loosen the tire bolts;

3. Jack up the vehicle;

4. When the tire is in the air, dismantle the tire bolts one by one and take the tire down;

5. Remove the lower brake caliper;

6. Take out the brake pads and hang the brake oil pipe to prevent the oil leakage of the vehicle;

7. Check the old brake pads, and compare with the new brake pads to see the degree of wear of the old brake pads;

8. Install the new brake pads, reset the caliper and caliper bolts;

9. Fasten the tire and complete the replacement;

10. Step on the brake pedal many times. The most important step after replacing the brake pads is to step on the brake pedal a few times, because there is a gap between the brake cylinder and the brake pads when replacing the brake pads, if you do not step on the brakes, the brake cylinder will not return, and the brakes will not respond.

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