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How to place ceramic vases in the living room


Ceramic vases are now gradually becoming the mainstream of home decoration. The elegance and superiority of ceramic vases are the key to many people's choices. But after buying the vase home, how to place it has become a difficult problem for many people.

The bed is the core of the bedroom. The arrangement of the bed in the bedroom determines the quality of the bedroom's Feng Shui. The best choice for the bed is to face north and south. If the head is facing west, the blood often rushes to the top of the head and sleep is not stable; if you sleep with your head facing east, There will be a sense of peace. It is suitable to place ceramic vases on the head of the bed. Porcelain vases are fragile and easy to sleep with homophonic sounds. Feng Shui can promote sleep.

However, the main placement depends on the overall decoration style, which varies from person to person. Generally, in the Chinese decoration style system, the vase can be placed in the southeast corner of the living room. Because the southeast belongs to water, water generates wealth. Porcelain communicates with jade, and jade can make money. It can be placed parallel to the wall of the living room and placed symmetrically. This location can be peaceful in the town house, so it is your best choice.

Porcelain is an elegant work of art, and its placement also pays attention to harmony. Harmonious matching is the main key to the placement of ceramic bottles. Generally can be equipped with tea table, tray. Flower crafts. A good placement can not only reflect the exquisiteness of ceramic vases, but also play a decisive role in the Feng Shui of the entire house.

The shape of the ceramic vase also has a great relationship with the overall decoration style of your house. The main body of the ceramic vase is the key to the whole system. How to choose a good ceramic vase is your problem.

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