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Why You Must Wear Running Socks When Running


Socks may not be a special consideration for first-time runners. Many people don't pay so much attention, just wear ordinary cotton socks.

The same is true for me when I first started running. I didn’t understand anything until my toes got blistered and my socks burst. I didn’t know that I needed to wear Running Socks for running. Cotton socks are good at absorbing moisture, but they are poor at perspiration. They become damp and wet after a while, not to mention uncomfortable, and are prone to blisters, and the socks themselves are prone to holes.

Socks are the second skin of your feet, acting as a cushion between your running shoe and your feet. Some runners often suffer from black toenails and blisters. In addition to running shoes, the problem of socks cannot be ignored.

After running for a long time, the watershed in the novice stage is to know that you need to wear special Running Socks for running. The biggest difference between Running Socks and ordinary cotton socks is that they use quick-drying fabric, which wicks sweat faster, is wear-resistant and durable, and has good stability.

Ankle Athletic Running Socks are designed with a towel sole suitable for long-distance running, and the front and rear soles are partially thickened, which makes it feel like stepping on shit when landing, and has better wear resistance.

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