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Multi Jet Water Meter Typically Operates


A multi-jet water meter is another type of flow meter used to measure the volume of water flowing through a pipe. Unlike the single-jet meter, the multi-jet meter has multiple inlet ports or jets that direct water flow onto an impeller or turbine. Here's how it typically operates:

1. Water Flow: Water flows through multiple inlet ports or jets into the meter.

2. Impeller or Turbine: Inside the meter, there's an impeller or turbine that's positioned in the path of the multiple water jets. The force of the water flowing through the jets causes the impeller or turbine to spin.

3. Magnetic Coupling or Gear Mechanism: Similar to the single-jet meter, there's typically a magnetic coupling or gear mechanism connected to the impeller or turbine.

4. Register: The magnetic coupling or gear mechanism is connected to a register or dial mechanism, which records the rotations caused by the spinning impeller or turbine.

5. Measurement: The register displays the water usage in cubic meters or gallons, providing an indication of the volume of water flowing through the meter.

Multi-jet water meters are commonly used in residential and commercial applications where there is a moderate to high flow rate. They offer good accuracy across a wide range of flow rates and are often preferred for applications where water quality may vary, such as in residential settings. Additionally, they are less prone to clogging compared to some other types of meters, making them suitable for measuring water with particulate matter.

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