Filter Saturation Alarms

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1. Product Introduction of Filter saturation alarm

Quality Filter Saturation Alarms Manufacturers.

Filter saturation alarms is a new product independently developed by our company. It is used in combination with the oil filter equipment produced by our company. When the filter element is saturated or the filter element fails, it will make an alarm to prompt the replacement of the filter element. The filter element saturation alarm detects the periodic changes of the pressure of the oil filtering equipment and calculates the best time to replace the filter element by sending an alarm signal, so as to avoid the possibility of false alarms.

2. Technical parameters of Filter saturation alarm

Product model: MC-YS6000

Working voltage: 24VDC

Alarm mode: buzzer and switch signal output

Output contact type: always on

Output contact capacity: 3A

Dimensions: 70X50X30 mm

3. Description of filter element saturation alarm terminal

a. Smooth operation of highly-precised pointer

b. Durable and beautiful and generous

c. It has good seismic performance and can be used in harsh environments with large vibrations

4. Company certificates

  • (AAA-grade Credit Enterprise)
  • (AAA-grade Credit Enterprise)


Q: Can you design the equipment according to our size?

A: Yes, we can customize products according to customers' needs.

Q: Can you send your staff to our factory to install equipment for us?

A: For customers of foreign countries, we do not provide on-site installation services for the time being. Product installation is relatively simple. We will provide simple and easy-to-understand installation instructions. If necessary, we can provide related installation videos before installation.

Q: Is OEM acceptable? ?

A: We can consider but we have requirements. The specific requirements are based on the actual situation.

Q: How can I become your agent?

A: As long as you are engaged in related business in the hydraulic industry with corresponding technical personnel, you can apply for an agency from us.

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