Superfine Grinder

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Superfine Grinder


1. Compact design and reasonable structure,

2. It has the characteristics of air separation, no screen and no net. The machine is equipped with a grading mechanism, which can complete crushing and grading at one time.

3. The negative pressure transportation makes the heat generated in the grinding chamber continuously discharged, so it is also suitable for the grinding of heat sensitive materials.

4. The machine has a wide range of application, continuous production process and adjustable discharge particle size.

Working principle:

The material enters the crushing chamber through the hopper through the screw conveyor, and the comminuted material is sheared by the high-speed blade to obtain crushing. The material is transported into the cyclone separator through the negative pressure wind transport method, and the bag type dust collector and the discharged material meet the product requirements.

Equipment diagram


The grinder consists of main machine, assistant machine, and control cabinet. The process of produce is continuous. The machine is widely used for the fragile materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.

Equipment accessories

Technical Parameter

Production capacitykg/h10-20020-45060-800
Inlet material diamentermm<10<10<15
Oulet material diamentermesh80-32080-45080-450
Main rotaing speedr/min3800-60003800-60003800-4000
Overall dimension(L×W×H)mm4200×1200×27004700×1200×29009000×1500×3800

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